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Welcome to PlanningSkills.COM

This website focuses on a wide variety of topics related to organization and individual planning situations. The primary focus is business planning.

Planning is an anticipatory decision making process that involves situation analysis, forecasting outcomes and events, evaluating alternative courses of action, anticipating consequences and considering implementation issues and contingencies. Planning often begins with asking one or more questions, for example: What if ...? Could we ...? Do we ...? Is it possible...? How should we respond ...? How can we ...? Is it feasible to ...?

In general, planning is a proactive process that is intended to help individuals, groups and organizations achieve performance objectives.

Featured Glossary Term


The term refers to both the act of competing and to those people and/or organizations one is competing with for a prize or profit. Actions between and among rivals to secure business or resources on the most favorable terms and in some cases to gain exclusive use of a property or resource.

A competition can also refer to a specific competitive event. Business competition refers to rivalry among sellers to provide a product or service to a customer.

Featured Planning Tip

Monitor assumptions

Planning involves making assumptions, but it is important to constantly monitor one's assumptions and to be prepared for a "shortfall". This tip is related to an old proverb that is easy to forget in planning situations: "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched". The Japanese equivalent is "Toranu tanuki no kawazan'you" meaning one should be careful in planning something based on the assumption that you will possess yet unobtained things. The Japanese proverb is translated literally as "counting the skins of uncaught raccoon dogs". So catch, then count!

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